Engineering Notebook – 02/01/2019


Charles, Alex, Cameron, Zach



  • Finish double x rail bucket extension prototype
  • Finish chain controlled linear lift
  • Assemble mats and new field and ensure autonomous programs still work

Meeting Notes Alex

  • Helped assemble the full field that was recently bought.
  • Attempted to make a program that would fix the problem with the robot which was that the left wheels would get wedged into the mat.
  • Helped team mates when they needed it.


Meeting Notes Charles

  • Charles and Cameron worked on the x rail system.
  • We got a new linear actuator system today, but decided not to use it since it’s circular, and tough to attach things to it.
  • We had to move one of the xrails farther away from the other so we could fit the bucket between them.
  • Since our axle has a limited length, we put the pulleys for the second x rail on the inside.
  • We attached the servo and c channel to the x rail so we could put an axle through, supporting our bucket.


Meeting Notes Zach

  • Put a c-channel underneath the new linear lift to move it up off the wood because a sprocket was hitting the wood.
  • Attached the rest of the sprockets and attached the chain.
  • Put in a bolt and twisty tied the chain to the linear lift so when the chain turns the lift raises and falls.
  • Cleaned up the mess on the work bench.
  • Got the show robot working for tomorrow’s exhibition.




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