Engineering Notebook – 01/26/2019


Charles, Zach, Cameron, Drew



  • Finish prototype of the 2 xrails holding the bucket
  • Finish prototype of the linear lift with a chain

Meeting Notes Charles

  • Cameron and Charles worked on the 2 xrails. One of them was finished, but we had to put both a c channel with room for a bucket between. To the side of the left one we put a motor with a small gear. Farther down the x rails, an axle was put through them, with a small gear touching the motor’s small gear. When we tested the left XRail, the string wasn’t moving. We realized it was because it was on a spacer, which spins independently of the axle, we got rid of the spacer, and it worked. The second XRail we made had longer xrails, so since it was a prototype, we just put it farther back and put the pulleys at the same spot as the other xrail’s pulleys. When we put elastic through the XRail, it didn’t retract well. We put lubricant on, but it was still slow. We had to change the XRail for a new one. When we did that, it worked well. We taped both strings to the axel and plugged the motor in to a battery. They worked well, but they started at different times due to being taped on different spots on the axle. We will fix that next meeting.

Meeting Notes Cameron

  • Charles and I built a prototype of the frame for the mechanism. The mechanism is two c-channels with x-rails on top that move when pulled by a string. The string is connected to a servo so when the servo moves, an axle moves the string, and both x-rails on each side move. The next step is for me to attach two c-channels so the bucket can be laced there. The bucket is attached to the axle so the string pulls everything when it moves.
  • I also helped move our group items into another building.

Meeting Notes Zach

  • Took links off chain
  • Attached new linear lift to wood plank
  • Started attaching sprockets and gears to the new lift



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