Engineering Notebook – 01/24/2019


Charles, Alex, Cameron, Drew



  • Discuss what changes (if any) we are going to make to our robot before the next competitions
  • Develop prototypes of the changes we want to implement

Meeting Notes Charles

  • We discussed what changes to make to our robot. We agreed that we should make changes on a new robot. We also decided that it’s better to have one mechanism for taking in minerals and another for dumping them. The motor for rotation will be gotten rid of and so will the 2 c channels holding the x rail.
  • Charles and Cameron created the plan for a new bucket. We will keep the same length and height, but change the width to 5.5 inches (2 * the diameter of spheres which are 2.75 inches.) We are also using a 2 segment XRail instead of 4. A servo will be put on the x rail with a small gear on it. Farther down on the XRail, the large gear will be placed next to the servo. The gear will attach to the bucket directly, but also have an axel going through the bucket. We will have 2 xrails to keep the bucket straight. We measured to total width of the mechanism, which was 9 and 5/16 without spacing. There was about 9.5 inches between the outside c channel, so we shortened the width of the bucket to 8.5 inches. We drew a net ( a 2D object able to be folded into a 3D object) of the bucket showing where we would have to cut and fold.


Meeting Notes Alex

  • The team discussed ways to make the robot better involving making the bucket wider making the intake mechanism more effective and making 2 separate mechanisms one to grab the minerals and another to put the minerals in the lander.
  • Drew and I created a prototype of a linear lift using a sprocket and chain mechanism that would dump minerals into the lander.
  • We made a rough prototype of the mechanisms and finalized where the sprockets would go.

Meeting Notes Cameron

  • Charles and I planned out how we are going to assemble the new xrail and bucket. We have a system of gears, axles, hubs, and a motor


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