Engineering Notebook – 01/17/2019


Alex, Charles, Cameron



  • Change pinion in linear lift
  • Practice driving
  • Fix wire bending around robot

Meeting Notes Charles

  • We changed the pinion in the linear lift. We also noticed that one rack was faulty, so we changed it for a new one. We also flipped another one because it’s one end was too close to the end touching it. We put the cardboard back on.
  • A group of wires was bending around the robot to reach its destination. We rerouted it to go past the outside c-channel and into the robot. We zip tied it to other wires so it didn’t contact gears.
  • While we practiced driving, we were dragging the bucket on the ground a lot, which loosened the servo. We tightened the bolts with lock tight on them so it doesn’t happen again. We found that if we go to the left of the hook, since the bucket sticks out to the right. We also got a time of 16 seconds to get 2 minerals.


Meeting Notes Alex

  • We took the bucket off to make it tighter because it was slipping
  • We then reattached it and added locktight to the bolts so that it would be much harder for it to fall off
  • We edited the code to make the Gold_Marker_Crater_Auto move parallel to the wall
  • We then practiced driving the robot and saw that the screw in the bucket sometimes slips and falls out
  • We found that if we did not align the robot correctly on the lander the autonomous programs did not reach the crater. We practiced aligning the robot correctly on the lander



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