Engineering Notebook – 01/04/2019


Alex, Charles, Cameron and Drew



  • Replace spool
  • Get autonomous program working

Meeting Notes

  • We replaced the spool for our XRail extension with a spool of higher diameter to prevent the string from falling off. Since the new spool was thinner, the string was at a different angle, and hit a bolt holding a XRail rotation gear. To fix this, we put the string on the other side of the bolt.


  • We changed the autonomous program to strafe right so the robot’s right wheels aren’t digging into the field while it’s being deployed from the lander. We had to find out how many ticks per rotation were on a neverest 40. At first we were using 280, which was found online as ppr, but that value only went 1/4 of a rotation. After doing more research, we realized that cpr was what we needed, and was 4 times ppr. While doing testing, one wheel was rotating longer than the rest. After looking at that motor, we saw that the encoder was broken, so we replaced it with a new motor.








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