Engineering Notebook – 01/03/2019


Alex, Charles, Cameron and Drew



  • Attach the new spool to the robot
  • Finish an autonomous program to get the robot off the lander
  • Get the plexi-glass attached

Meeting Notes

  • The plexi-glass was attached by Zach and Drew
  • The spool was attached by Drew
  • The autonomous code was successful in bringing the robot off the lander
  • Zach, Drew and Cameron figured out a permanent place for the battery
  • Charles cut the foam around the Phone, so it would fit loosely instead of tightly
  • Got to driving the robot but figured the lift was much to slow

To Do:

  • The linear lift either needs to move faster or the gear ratio needs to be lessened (current ratio is 1:9)
  • The autonomous code needs to be able to lower the robot and AT LEAST be able to make it to the crater