Engineering Notebook – 12/29/2018


Alex, Zach, Cameron and Drew



  • To finish attaching the plexiglass
  • To create a new mineral collector with longer surgical tubing for more efficiency

Meeting Notes

  • Alex
    • Updated our dump position to a more reasonable level.
    • Added an initialization position so that the robot will fit in the 18 inches requirements. Lastly, Alex attached the plexiglass with the numbers to the robot. Attached the electronics to the beam on the back as well as the plexiglass.




  • Cameron
    • Cameron measured and cut the new surgical tubing to fit our designs. We needed 7 inches of tubing, an 3 ½ PVC pipe, and the holes in the pipe needed to be of an inch. The zipties were added by Zach
  • Drew
    • Drew cut slits into the new mineral collector and put 3 zip ties in to its surgical tubes to strengthen them. He also drilled holes in the plexiglass.
  • Zach
    • The zipties were added by Zach as he helped fix other things on the robot.
    • Added standoff to pull string away from the xrail so it would extend and retract better




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