Engineering Notebook – 12/22/2018


Alex, Charles and Zach



  • Finish increasing gear ratio
  • Re attach plexiglass
  • Strengthen frame
  • Practice Driving
  • Attach coil wires

Meeting Notes

  • We realized that the hub we were using for the middle set of gears on the gear ratio was a motor hub, so we swapped it with an axle one.
  • We attached metal L-shaped pieces to many joints to prevent the robot from flexing, and to keep the XRail gear ratio together.



  • We changed the axle on our middle set of gears on the XRail. We saw that it was too long, so searched for a shorter axle. The hub on the gears was making it difficult to slide on an axle, so we switched it with one that slid easier.
  • We tested the linear lift. It was rotating very slowly, so we changed the motor as well as rotating the motor mount so the screw that holds the motor faces out more and is easier to access. The new motor didn’t change anything so we changed the program to make the linear lift more like the XRail that directly got power from how far the joystick was pushed. We also checked if it was the fault of the motor controller or low battery, but it wasn’t. We also made the target position 2000 instead of 10.
  • The robot was able to lift itself 5 to 6 inches up with the new changes.


  • We swapped the wires to the coil wires, but the spinning servo to intake minerals didn’t work. This was not a wire issue though, because we tested them with other servos. We didn’t have time to fix this.



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