Engineering Notebook – 12/06/2018


Alex, Charles, Drew, Zach



  • Attach all electronics, make configuration, and test robot

Meeting Notes

  • Zach and Drew drilled holes in the plexiglass so the electronics would be lower than 18” and attached all electronics.


  • Charles organized the electronics with specific colors of tape for different motor controllers.
  • Alex made the configuration. 1 of the phones had a system update, so we had to remake the configuration on the new set.
  • One of the motor controllers wasn’t connecting so we switched out the controller. None of them worked, so we tried a different USB cable. We switched back to the original motor controller, then realized that one of the ports wasn’t working. We switched to a new motor controller, and got all motor controllers to connect.
  • The Tetrix motor that extends the x-rail wasn’t working, but would rotate if connected to a battery directly. Switching to different ports didn’t work, so it’s most likely a programming issue. Next meeting we will make a new program to just control the x-rail extend.



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