Engineering Notebook – 11/17/2018


Alex, Cameron, Charles, Drew, Zach




  • Build the competition robot from scratch but use some parts from prototype if needed. The competition robot should be almost the exact same as the prototype, but with 4 bolts in every connection.

Meeting Notes

  • We started building the competition robot. When Alex arrived, he updated all of the phones.
  • When Drew arrived, Cameron, Zach, and Drew worked on building the robot while Charles and Alex programmed the robot. The controls for the robot were:
    • Controller 1, A= Move hooking mechanism down. B= Move hooking mechanism up. Left Joystick= Drive robot around as well as strafe. Right Joystick= Turn robot.
    • Controller 2, A= Intake minerals. B= Stop intaking minerals. Y= spit out minerals. Dpad Down= Move bucket to intake position. Dpad Left= Move bucket to transport position. Dpad Up= Move bucket to dump position. Left Joystick= Extend/ Retract X-rail arm. Right Joystick= Rotate X-rail arm. Moving the x-rail arm will automatically set the bucket to transport position to make it easier for drivers.
  • Since only 2 or 3 people could build the robot at the same time, Charles, Cameron, and Alex built while Zach and Drew browsed the forums for any new information about rules. After that we switched.
  • We were going to test the demonstration robot, but the update caused the phones to not be compatible. Alex got one set working by uninstalling and reinstalling the apps but would need to do the rest at home. When we tried to test the set of phones that were working, we saw that all the programs were gone. To solve this, we downloaded the programs from the computer, but then got an error that the computer needed to be updated too.
  • The competition robot was mostly finished except for attaching the bucket, a motor, and electronics.


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