Engineering Notebook – 10/27/2018


Zach, Charles, Drew, Cameron


Meeting Notes

  •  Zach
    • Finished putting together the claw mechanism for the team marker mechanism
    • Put cardboard into the bottom section of the claw to lever the gears into touching
    • Put zip ties through surgical tubing on the sweeper of the robot to strengthen them
    • Converted claw mechanism of the team marker mechanism to a hook mechanism to save space and make it easier to drop the actual marker
    1. All
      1. Tested the robot
  • Cameron & Drew
    • Took apart large pulley system to change the position of the spool
    • Changed the large pulley rotator gears to allow for more room for the string
  •  Charles
    • Finished constructing the one stage x-rail slide for the team marker mechanism
    • Put the x-rail slide on a pulley system so that the string could go through, put elastic on the back so that the system would able to be pulled back