Engineering Notebook – 10/13/2018


Alex, Cameron, Charles, Drew, Zach



  • Cameron and Charles
    • Decide on a servo to turn the grabbing mechanism to dump or pick up the minerals.
      • Options:
        • Continuous Large Servo
        • 180 Large Servo
        • Continuous Servo
        • 180 Servo
      • Criteria:
        • Weight
        • Size
        • Power
    • Attach the selected servo motor to the dump mechanism
    • Attach the dump mechanism with the servo to a Tetrix X-Rail
  • Zach and Drew
    • Build a frame that will work with mecanum wheels
    • Build a hook that will attach to the bracket on the side of the lander
  • Alex
    • Create a program to test the different servo types so Charles and Cameron can decide which one they want to use
    • After Charles and Cameron have decided on a servo write a
      program for the selected computer

Meeting Notes

  • Cameron and Charles
    • Choose the 180 Servo because it is lighter than the Large Servos, is one of the smallest servos and could perform the task easily.
    • Attached the Servo the dump mechanism and modified dump mechanism to make it lighter.
    • Attached the dump mechanism to a Tetrix X-Rail and prepared it to be attached


  • Zach and Drew
    • Built a frame that would allow the attachment of mecanum wheels.


  • Built and attached a hook to the robot that allowed it to easily lift itself off the field.


  • Alex
    • Programmed all 4 servos to move a certain distance forward and back.
    • Programmed the selected 180 Servo to move to coded positions.
    • Helped Zach and Drew put together a frame that would work for mecanum wheels.




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