Engineering Notebook – 10/11/2018


Charles, Cameron, Drew, Zach




  • Design a hook to latch ourselves onto the lander.
  • Continue working on the mineral scooper.

Meeting Notes

  • Created an idea for the hook, an eye screw bent at 90 degrees in 2 different spots, at perfect length to fit the hook and designed the exact measurements.
  • The first bend was successful, but the second bend on both screws, even with a slower and more cautious approach the second time, broke the screw.
  • Planned to fix this by getting a thicker and stronger screw.
  • Cut the pipe so that it would fir in the box to hold the minerals.
  • Attached the pipe with surgical tubing to the appropriate place on the robot.
  • Experimented with many different positions to attach the servo and ended up extending the robot upwards with a 1×3.
  • Attempted to test, but were ultimately stopped by phone/program issues.



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