Engineering Notebook – 10/04/2018


Alex, Charles, Cameron, Drew, Zach




  • We wanted to make sure that our hook could sustain enough weight.
  • We wanted to build a device to make sure that the programs did what we needed it to do.
  • We wanted to build a mechanism that spins a claw to pick up balls and cubes and place them in the designated area.

Meeting Notes

The team split up into three groups

  • Charles and Cameron:
    • Made a spinning lube and ball grabber. The grabber is designed to pick up items and put them into a place that holds them, and then lifts and dumps them into the right spot.
  • Alex:
    • Built a machine to test the rotation of the servos in his program. The tests and the machine proved to be very efficient. Two servos were rotating. One went kind of slow and at a normal pace, and the other one went faster.
  • Drew and Zach:
    • Tested the hook to see how many c-channels it could hold. It ended up holding up about 14.  They needed to see if the robot could be held up. They also needed to see the limit for the hook.

Closing Thoughts

  • We all worked hard and will hopefully be finished with our projects by the next two weeks.

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