Engineering Notebook – 09/20/18


Charles, Alex, Zack, Drew, Cameron




  • Watch videos of robots in three days to get ideas for our robot
  • Design and Prototype Mechanisms

Meeting Notes

  • Charles brought a model of a design where 2 rubber bands push down
    from on top of a silver mineral, so they bend out to pick up the ball, but the ball is
    too light to fall out. This idea was decided against because it can’t pick up cubes


  • Our team split into 3 groups.
    • Charles: Ball Pickup
      • Put 2 gears on an axel and put 8 rubber bands attaching corresponding
        holes of the gears.
      • Gears will spin causing the cylinder of rubber bands to rotate and grab the minerals in.
      • Picked up minerals will go into bucket on linear lift.
      • Since the radius of the gears is smaller than the height of the silver mineral, the ball pickup may have to be higher than the main frame, depending on the height of the wheels.
      • The motor can go above the ball pickup and use gears to rotate the ball pickup.
    • Alex and Cameron: Drive Train
      • Started with H frame with 2 bars in middle instead of one.
      • After discussing with Zach, and Drew, realized ball pickup would need more room.
      • Changed frame to A frame.
      • Ball pickup will go in gap in front and the lift for hooking on to the
        lander will go on the back.
    • Zach and Drew: Lift
      • Planned lift design as a two-stage lift. Started to build lift by adding


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