Engineering Notebook – 01/18/18


Alex, Zach, Drew, Danielle




  • Get one or both of the color sensors to work
  • Add code to detect and knock off the jewel

Meeting Notes


  • The end of the arms hit the C-channel on the robot, so the builders had to take off the servo holder and add spacers in between the servo holder and the robot’s frame
  • The arms went too far down so the builders removed the horn (the gear that allows the servo to attach to outside objects) and repositioned the servo’s starting point, so the arm did not cause field damage
  • Zack’s Demo Bot:
    • When this test robot is finished it should be able to grab onto an object at waist height pull itself up and support itself even when turned off
    • Progress:
      • Zack reconfigured the wires on the robot so each one could reach its destination without much trouble
      • Zack started brainstorming ideas for a way to add the motor for his arm
      • Zack then started building another support for the motor because space was limited.
      • Then our coach (Mr. Joe) suggested to put an axle in between 2 C-channels
    • Drew’s Demo Robot:
      • Supposed to pick up a specific color ball and drop it in the bin of the corresponding color
      • Progress:
        • Added the second drive motor to the demo robot
        • Started building mechanism to sort the balls


  • Color sensor:
    • Worked on a code to get the color sensor to work. Fixed issue with the color sensor light not turning on.
  • The autonomous program:
    • Added the arm and color sensor code so that the main code could knock off the jewel and score a glyph in the cryptobox


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