Engineering Notebook – 11/30/17


Alex, Zach, Drew, Danielle, Charles




  • Practice driving the robot without using the lift


  • Modify code to incorporate maximum and minimum limits for the lift


  • Make sure robot meets rules, regulations and requirements; if it does not change or edit to make it fit

Meeting Notes


  • Problems found:
    • Claw: It would not close enough to pick up the block
    • Linear lift: Lift would only go down and would not go up
    • Driving: The controls for strafing left and right were reversed
  • Solutions:
    • Claw: Added weather striping to the other side of the claw. But didn’t work
    • Claw2: Asked programmers to change the position that the claw started at


  • Linear lift: We changed the program to make the A button go down and the B button go up after we figured out the motor was in a reversed position
  • Driving: We set that aside for next meeting because we ran out of time

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