Engineering Notebook – 11/16/17


Alex, Zach, Drew, Danielle




  • Practice driving the robot


  • Finish all aspects of the robot


  • Test and fix any issues with the program

Meeting Notes


  • Reviewed and fixed program
  • Found circumference of a sprocket (7.85″)
  • Found amount of ticks, a measurement of sprocket and gear movement in 3 different distances: 950 in 6.5″, 1120 in 1 rotation and 86 in 1″.
  • Added a variable
  • Changed the amount the linear lift would go in 1 level and added fine tuning buttons
  • Found that drive motors were inverted. Tested and fixed the issue.


  • Attached plexiglass in a pentagon shape with 2 right angles
  • Discussed the pro’s and con’s of horizontal and vertical weather stripping pads. Eventually chose vertical so the blocks would not get stuck diagonally on the horizontal stripping.
  • Attached a rectangular metal plate to back of the claw mechanism to prevent block from going under the lift/claw and immobilizing the robot
  • Discussed cutting of a corner of the claw so we can see where the block is
  • Discussed adding metal support poles to the inside of the claw to keep the claw from bending

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