Engineering Notebook – 11/09/17


Charles, Alex, Drew, Danielle, Zach




  • Attach linear lift to frame
  • Attach servo motor to claw


  • Review code changes
  • Complete code for the claw’s servo motor
  • Download and test program

Meeting Notes


  • Attached the servo to the claw, but the motor on the claw was too high
  • Added gear on top of the horn of the servo, but there was a gap between the servo and claw gears still
  • Moved servo to the place where the gears aligned, then zip tied it to the c-channel
  • Attached the linear lift to the robot, but need 2 more bolts


  • Went over changes in code
  • Modified code (changed open and close values for servo motor, changed what buttons controlled claw and lift)
  • Completed code for servo motor
  • Tested program on a test set-up which had all 4 wheels, the linear lift motor, and the servo motor controlling the claw
  • Found out the linear lift didn’t work


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