Engineering Notebook – 10/12/17


Alex, Zach, Drew, Danielle, Olivia




  • Get the drivetrain completely built with electronics
  • The programmers:
    • Review code & ensure they understand each line
    • Understand the relationship programs variable & phone names
  • Copy the program to a new name % ADD whatever lines necessary to:
    • Add another DC motor (to operate the lift)
    • Add servo motor (to operate the claw)

Meeting Notes


  • Created chains to drive the wheels by cutting and fitting chains
  • Attached metal brackets or L brackets to C channels so it could be attached to frame as support


  • Reviewed what all the codes did
  • Then they moved to help the builders with the robots electronics


LiftOptionsFigure 1: Lift operation

RobotBeforeCompletionFigure 2: Robot before completion

RobotAfterCompletionFigure 3: Robot after completion (no electronics)

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