Engineering Notebook – 01/29/15


Jacob, Tyler, Danielle, Joey, Spencer, Brianna, Mikayla



  • Display Board.
  • Spare ball grabber.
  • Complete wiring.
  • Skirt.
  • Gear ratio demo.
  • Lock-tite Robot.
  • Replace Racks.
  • Attach ‘stop’ Bolts.
  • Attach ‘hooks’.
  • Attach weights.

Meeting Notes

  • Display board.
  • Spare ball grabber.
  • Skit
  • Complete wiring.
  • Lock-tite Robot.
  • Replace Racks.
  • Reflections:
    • Display boards are annoying-Brianna
    • Translators are good for laryngitis.
  • Next Time:
    • F’ix skirt so goals don’t hit wheels.
    • Practice driving robot.

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