Engineering Notebook – 10/17/14


Jacob Allen, Tyler Allen, Danielle Walton, Mikayla


Meeting Notes

  • Two motors can drive the same port. (Only if the battery has a charge)
  • Mikayla is learning how to make an IR seeker program such as the program will continue to run told to stop. Also “If’ and “Else if’ statements work best for an IR seeker program.
  • Danie and Tyler worked on the scissor lift, fixed the rising issues
  • One of the motors was offset
  • Decided on December 7,2014 for our first competitions
  • Color choices for the sweeper is green, pink, yellow, and possibly blue
  • Jacob learned good program design such as:
    • Indents
    • Naming function with a verb to describe them
Button Motor Number Motor Speed
7 1 & 2 75 (Raise)
8 1 & 2 -75 (Lower)
5 1 & 2 50 Raise
6 1 & 2 -50 (Lower)


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