Engineering Notebook – 09/28/14


Tyler Allen, Danielle Walton, Jacob Allen


Meeting Notes

  • Talked about the difference between Junior First Lego League, First Lego League, First Tech Challenge, First Robotics Competition
  • Went over the ways to get points in the new Game in Autonomous
    • Driving from platform on to the playing field floor – 20 points
    • Releasing the Kickstand to distribute Balls -30 points
    • Autonomous ball in any rolling Goal – 30 points/Goal
    • Autonomous ball in center Goal  – 60 points
    • Moving rolling goal in parking zone  -20/Goal
  • Driver-Controlled period
    • Balls scored in 30 cm (from floor) Roring Goar – 1 point per cm
    • Balls scored in 60 cm (from floor) Roring – 2 points per cm
    • Balls scored in 90 cm (from floor) Roring Goar – 3 points per cm
  • End Game
    • Robot / rolling goals in parking zone – 10 points/item
    • Robot / Rolling goals completely off the floor – 30 points/item
    • Balls scored in (from floor) Center Goal – 6 points/cm
  • After that we talked about the game and brainstormed ideas about what the robot might have to do to get the task done but then we talked about the flaws in those ideas.
  • We talked about the drive train and the placement of the wheels
  • Wheels
    • OmniWheels
    • Vex Mecanum Wheels
    • Standard Wheels
    • Treads
  • We then talked about different lifts and slides we could have to lift it up we thought of two;
    • The Scissor lift
    • The linear slide
    • The Arm
    • The linear slide might be better for what we need it for we need it to lift up all the balls and other things but the scissor lift would not be strong enough to do what we needed it for.
  • We talked about different methods of picking up the balls we thought about different ways such as;
    • A Claw
    • A Scoop,
    • A Conveyor belt,
    • A Sweeper,
    • After we talked about it we thought we should go with the Sweeper.
  • We talked about the days that we could meet and what days where not so great.
  • Then we talked about the other possible people that could join.
  • Near the end of the meeting we discussed what jobs we would have that week.
    • Jacob – Read the rule book, Engineering Notebook, research the lift and sweeper subject
    • Danielle – research the subject of how to drag around a rolling goal
    • Tyler – research the wheels and drive train subject, Read the rule book

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